I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with various mediums to try and create artwork that is both unique and beautiful.  In college, I focused my attention on oil painting and gradually had the aspiration to create my own painting technique.  I wanted to create paintings that would be unlike anything anyone had seen before while remaining aesthetically pleasing.  I began to focus on the texture that can be created by applying multiple layers of oil paint to a canvas and was intrigued by the idea of pulling the paint off of the canvas and making it solidify in mid air to create a three dimensional painting.  With the concept of what I wanted to create, I began the long process of trial and error to figure out how I would produce the final product.  I am extremely pleased with the end result, which I call “Sculptured Paintings”.

So…What is it?  The medium is oil paint and metal shavings that I manipulate with magnetic forces.  It took years of experimenting with different materials and processes to perfect the final technique. 

Opening night at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center
Artist Reception at the Arts Council of Kansas City
The Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City selected me as the 2012 ArtsKC Awards featured visual artis. I was selected from a group of local artists to create nine works of art which will be presented to businesses during the ArtsKC Awards Luncheon on January 27, 2012 at Starlight Theatre’s Enclosed stage.

See the press release here.